5 Interesting Facts About Palestine (Find Out)!


Palestine is a land which has a lot of things for its readers. This is a land which is located in Asia but there is much more to know, apart from its location.

Therefore, let’s dive straight into some facts about Palestine.

Is 3G available in Palestine?

The 3G services are not available in Palestine apart from a few locations. Why is this?

Facts About Palestine (3G Network)

This is because the Israeli restrictions do not allow the Palestinian people to have access to the 3G services openly.

There has been a conversation about this over the past few years of Palestine National Authority with the Israeli authorities but in vain.

The Economy of Palestine:

Palestine is a land that is considered unsafe by many people, but is it true?

To understand this, first, understand that tourism is an important part of the economy of Palestine. In 2010, 4.6 million people visited Palestine. This is a pretty decent figure for a land that is considered unsafe for many people.

Furthermore, the stone industry in Palestine is also a very important part of its economy. To understand how important is the stone industry to Palestine, it is to Palestine as the textile is to Pakistan.

And what is textile is to Pakistan?

60% of the exports of Pakistan are based on the cotton textile industries that provide half of the countries employment!

The majority of exports of Palestine are to Israel, Jordan, America and some European countries.

The National Animal of Palestine:

Gazelle is the national animal of Palestine which is known for its speed. The Palestinian government has been trying to protect this creature as it is an important symbol for the Palestinians.

Facts About Palestine (Gazelle)
Facts About Palestine (Gazelle)
Photo by Bas van Brandwijk on Unsplash

These beautiful thin creatures are mostly found in Africa and Asia. They resemble deer and they are from the family of goats, sheep and cattle. The dama Gazelle is the largest Gazelle.

The National Flower of Palestine:

Palestinian poppy is the natural flower of Palestine. This beautiful flower is bright red and the scientific name of the Palestinian Poppy is Anemone coronaria.

The flower originally comes from Ranunculaceaefamily (buttercup family). Very fewer flowers have played such an important role in medicine, religion and politics as the poppy.

One commonly asked question is that are anemones and poppies same?

Although the anemones and poppies belong to a similar flower family, they are not the same thing.

The Siege in Gaza:

In Gaza, 1.9 million Palestinians are under a brutal siege. The basic human rights have been denied to them and they are constantly exposed to aerial bombing.

The political instability and barbarity make Gaza unsafe. The Israeli restrictions in this area are so brutal that the United Nations says that by 2020, the area can be completely inhibited.


The facts about Palestine is a very interesting topic. I hope that the article makes sense.

Thank You very much for staying with me till the end!